LOINC in Practice for Device Manufacturer

Hello all, I work for Dexcom which is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device company. Currently emailing with the kind folks at Regenstrief to understand if we need to submit a new term for consideration (I think we do) but we are so new to this that I am currently still trying to understand if LOINC would help get the data from our servers into EHR systems. Dexcom has data from its patients in the cloud, and an API, and over a million users worldwide. Is LOINC a way we could get our users glucose data into EHR systems? If so, can anyone direct me to resources about what this would potentially look like? Is LOINC for commercial companies to apply to like Dexcom? Or only for lab results and clinical evaluations? Any help here would be appreciated, having trouble understanding if this is what we’re looking for.

Was there ever an answer to this question? My company is trying to determine the best LOINC code to use when storing values from Dexcom and other CGM devices.

This is not my specialty area, but I would look at 97507-8 Average glucose [Mass/volume] in Interstitial fluid during Reporting Period. The confusing part is the “average over reporting period”. If I read the literature correctly, the reporting period with these devices may be very short so it can be interpreted as instantaneous. I hope someone with more technical background with these will correct me if I have this wrong.

Hi, for a specific discussion on “LOINC in Practice for Device Manufacturer” I strongly recommend contacting the “The IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (IICC)” at ivdconnectivity.org