LOINC download response headers invalid

When trying to download LOINC in a script, the Content-Disposition header I get back is invalid:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename*=UTF-8''Loinc_2.76.zip;

This has been happening at least as far back as Nov 11, 2023 according to my logs.

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Hi Scott,

The functionality we use for downloads changed recently. Automation of downloads is not an anticipated use. It should still work in a browser.

Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish with your script? We may have an alternative available.

We have a terminology service that we keep up to date with many code systems (ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, LOINC, etc.)

It is very nice to be able to have that be an automated process, since each system has its own release cadence (some annual, some monthly, etc.)

Scott, thanks for elaborating. We recently opened a new LOINC Search API but it is not yet documented. Try the following endpoint with your LOINC credentials.


  • query – search string
  • rows* – integer value to indicate the number of rows to return
  • offset* – integer value to indicate the offset, for paging
  • sortorder* – string value, specifying which field to sort on and order (desc and asc)
  • language* – integer value to indicate which language to return
  • includefiltercounts* – boolean value to indicate if information for filters should be returned with the results
    * These parameters have default values and are optional

For example: https://loinc.regenstrief.org/searchapi/loincs?query=glucose&rows=100&offset=100&sortorder=loinc_num desc&language=8&includefiltercounts=true

You can query for everything using an asterisk. Let us know if this fits your needs.