LOINC database and multi-axial hierarchy out of sync?

Hi everybody,

I’ve downloaded both LOINC database and multi-axial hierarchy csv file.

Some of the codes contained by the LOINC_NUM column in the LOINC table are not present into the CODE column of the multi-axial hierarchy. For example, the code “29762-2” which represents “Social history” is not contained by the csv hierarchy file.

My target is to use the multi-axial hierarchy to implement a tool for creating filters for the CDA document informations, so only certain infos (identified by the LOINC codes) can be displayed to the user.

I wish to know if it’s planned to integrate all the missing codes into the multiaxial hierarchy. Alternatively, can you suggest me a method for creating a hiearchical structure of ALL the LOINC codes in an algorithmical way?

Thank you for your work!!!


You are correct in that not all LOINC codes are present in the multiaxial hierarchy. It includes lab, radiology, clinical note titles, and some other clinical variables, but not the whole database. So it is not a matter of syncing, but rather the scope of content included in the multi-axial hierarchy to date. This is largely a matter of focus and resources; we don’t have a defined plan for adding all LOINCs to this hierarchy. The other hierarchies are stored in the database that the RELMA program uses, but that is available for direct use only under specific permission from Regenstrief (see http://loinc.org/terms-of-use). Those hierarchies are not in the same format as the multi-axial export and could change over time (because they are used by RELMA). We have discussed exporting all the hierarchies in the same format as the multiaxial one, but haven’t nailed that down yet. Is that something you would use?

Hi Daniel,

May I ask you about the status of this issue. We are developing a terminology authoring tool (Snow Owl), and trying to add support for LOINC too, including a hierarchical representation of the parts and codes. The LOINC.csv and the multi-axial hierarchy file do not seem to include the class hierarchy and the hierarchy for the clinical content and the type. Do you already have this information available somewhere else other than the RELMA database? Thank you for your help.