LOINC database and multi-axial hierarchy out of sync?

Hi everybody,

I’ve downloaded both LOINC database and multi-axial hierarchy csv file.

Some of the codes contained by the LOINC_NUM column in the LOINC table are not present into the CODE column of the multi-axial hierarchy. For example, the code “29762-2” which represents “Social history” is not contained by the csv hierarchy file.

My target is to use the multi-axial hierarchy to implement a tool for creating filters for the CDA document informations, so only certain infos (identified by the LOINC codes) can be displayed to the user.

I wish to know if it’s planned to integrate all the missing codes into the multiaxial hierarchy. Alternatively, can you suggest me a method for creating a hiearchical structure of ALL the LOINC codes in an algorithmical way?

Thank you for your work!!!