LOINC codes for MR volumetry


I am currently evaluating the use of LOINC in our companies product. At this early stage it is very possible I might have some severe misunderstandings.

My primary use case: I get MR images of a patients head and calculate volumetric measurements of the brain regions. I searched the database for common regions, like “Amygdala” (just as example) and came up with nothing. So it seems like I am doing something wrong.

Can someone give me a pointer on how to find the right codes, or resolve a wrong conception I might have about LOINC?

Hello Johannes,

I searched in the online LOINC browser for scale:qn method:mr and only came up with cardiac hemodynamics. To then see if there’s a pending submission, I looked in https://loinc.org/submissions/queue/ for mr. No output on the second query. The LOINC terminology grows as industry makes submissions. Instructions for completion of a template and the template itself are available on the lower half of https://loinc.org/submissions/

Have a great day,