LOINC codes for antibiotic sinergies


My question is about how to treat antibiotic synergy tests in LOINC. I am referring to true synergy tests, not to the use of high doses of antibiotics to predict in vivo sinergy in enterococcus or other microorganisms and that are coded with the components .high potency

In our case, we sometimes test ceftazidime/avibactam with aztreonam in MBL-producing bacteria. I have not found any LOINC terms related to this. On occasion, we may try other antibiotic combinations.

The method we use is E-test overlay (gradient strip) and report the FIC value with an interpretation (more information available in: When Does 2 Plus 2 Equal 5? A Review of Antimicrobial Synergy Testing - PMC)

Any help would be appreciated!


Hello Ivan, It’s possible no one has asked Regenstrief Institute or the LHDS team overseeing LOINC to create such terms. Is the ceftazidime/avibactam with aztreonam in MBL-producing bacteria to be used as an example submission that I work with you on; later you can submit the other synergies? Please send a calendar invite to me at pdbanning@mmm.com and we’ll discuss offline.
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Hi Ivan,
LOINC codes exist for all E-TEST tests, those cover the strip results but not the interpretation you mention

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