LOINC Code in Arabic Language


On LOINC web site only English version LOINC code of database is available for download. Can you please tell me where i get the download of LOINC code arabic language version .




Ritesh -

We do not have an Arabic language translation of LOINC yet. About a two years ago we had some contact with an Egyptian physician who expressed interest in doing an Arabic translation, but we have not heard back from him. If you are interesting in doing or organizing a translation, let us know and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Hi Daniel,

An embedded translation module might facilitate volunteer translation of LOINC Parts into more languages. Many existing resources of the software RELMA and its database can be easily resused by the module. This is partly because the RELMA database is evolving over time and such changes would prevent volunteers from following up the growth and development of the LOINC and the mapping tool.