LOINC code for organism identified by mass spectrometry

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Does anyone handling test of organism that is identified by mass spectrometry, such as MALDI-TOF?

As my knowledge, there is no exact match of current LOINC code for this method.

The most relevant LOINC code I can find is “41852-5 Microorganism or agent identified in Unspecified specimen”.

Otherwise, we are considering to create local LOINC code Microorganism identified in Unspecified specimen by Mass Spectrometry.

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We don’t use a separate LOINC for Mass Spec identification. The information value (name of the organism) does not differ between different identification techniques and therefore they have the same LOINC code. The specification of the technique used is in the HL7 message.


Please assure your HL7 message has an organism genus/species name as the answer, and search RELMA for MALDI TOF to see 4 possible options.

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