LOINC code for detection of specific organims

I like to define LOINC codes for ordering identification of specific organims. In the LOINC database some specific organimsn are already defined like: 40684-3 (Acinetobacter sp multidrug resistant identified in Unspecified …) and <span id=“ln”>13317-3 (MRSA identified in …)</span> Here the component contaitns the organism. However there are a lot of organisms or specific antibiotic resistant organism are missing in LOINC. (eg “amoxicillin resistant enterococcus faecium”, “ciprofloxacin resistant gram negative rod” …) Before I start requesting an almost endless amount of codes is there a general way of requesting those specific organism identifications? eg by using a general code and sub specifying the component or limiting the result set using SNOMED-CT

Hello! May I first ask if the facility has a multitude of cultures or orders for each of these organisms? If you have an order/culture availability to check only for Amoxicillin Resistant Enterococcus faecium in a specimen, then you should proceed with making a LOINC submission. Remember to include an example report and the Standard Operating Procedure (in lieu of a package insert). You can model the submission using a term such as 59151-1

Another option might be these are answers within a source specific culture. In that regard, the culture is usually already available in LOINC. You would study the possible answers and find SNOMED CT codes for these coded values.

A third option is that probe or microarray testing is the method rather than culture. I did not find an Amoxicillin Resistant Enterococcus faecium gene to refer for modeling, but you can check 6329-7 for an example.

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