LOINC Clinical Implementation Question

Hello all,

I work for a laboratory that is offering a UTI panel to a new clinic that is using LOINC to create orders in the EHR. This clinic is utilizing Athena as their EHR. They need an LOINC to create the order within Athena that is true to the test being offered.

The first code submitted was not orderable. A second code has been submitted and is orderable. While we wait to see if Athena will accept the code, I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for some LOINC resources specific to creating orders from the clinic side.

Potentially there is not a code for the specific test being run. The code needed is for a UTI screen with reflex to PCR on positives. If there is no code, what is the process for creating one?

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Hello David,

Can you provide the manufacturing information of the device or kit the lab is using? It sounds very specific and I don’t find an existing panel. I checked the loinc.org/submissions queue to see if anything might already be in the works; didn’t find a potential answer.

Submissions are always welcome at https://loinc.org/submissions/ . there’s an excel template at the bottom of the page. Email me at pdbanning@mmm.com and we’ll find a time to collaborate over the telephone to get it in the queue.

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Hello Pam,

I sent an email to the provided address. I look forward to discussing this further.

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