LOINC and LabCorp and Quest

For adoption of LOINC, I would like to suggest that LOINC team follows up with LabCorp and their display of LOINC codes.

For platelets, there is option to see LOINC codes but it seems to not work.

CPT code is clearly there but not LOINC.

When option to include LOINC in print is checked, it only adds a copyright statement, but not the codes.


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example report with no LOINC code




Hello Vojtech,

I have forwarded your message to the LabCorp representative sitting on the lab LOINC committee.

Best regards,

Pam Banning

Hello Vojtech,

LabCorp website does include LOINC codes. We have been having website issues. I have notified our team to resolve. In the meantime, if ever a LOINC term or is needed for a particular test, feel free to contact loinc@labcorp.com. .


Thank you,

Leanna Harmon


thans for reply