Local terms to LOINC without RELMA

I would like to map local clinical lab results to LOINC terms, however due to workflow requirements, I will not use RELMA in order to carry out this task.

I am looking through the LOINC database download (LOINC_2.77) – would someone be able to give me some insights into how to finding the local mapping data to LOINC that is inside of that folder? I’ve spent two hours so far looking, but my search hasn’t been very fruitful.
Thank you for any insights.

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Hello Emma. This is a good question. There aren’t any mapping tools included in the normal LOINC distribution file, i.e. the Loinc_2.77.zip download. Outside of RELMA, we do provide Mapping Guides across several domains. I encourage you to check out those. Also, some organizations have shared their local mapping data. This is kind of hard to find without RELMA. You can visit pages in this format: https://details.loinc.org/Community/99054-9.html.

I hope this information helps. Let us know if you need more.