Lab Test Code Not Exist


I couldn’t find code for below test:

1- Wright

2- 2ME

thanks in advance

Hello Pourya,

  1. The Wright stain would need local definition on what you’re looking for and what is the specimen type. If you’ll enter Method:Wright in RELMA, all the possibilities will come up. A general smear reporting all cell lines would use the analyte Microscopic Observation

  2. 2ME doesn’t have enough information to describe the analyte or method. What other information do you have for this assay?

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the exact meaning of 2ME in our environment is “Brucella sp Ab [Titer] in Serum by 2-Mercapto Ethanol agglutination test” that doesn’t have proper code in LOINC system.

also “Immunocapture” method for some tests like “Brucella sp Ab [Titer] in Serum by Immunocapture test” does not have LOINC code.

how we can manage concepts like this with LOINC?

We plan to find equal SNOMEDCT code for this properties and exchange them by extra attribute in our Lab Class.

thank you

Hello Pourya,

From the information on 2ME provided, I entered brucella sp ab ser titer aggl into RELMA; 5 Serum items return. Keep in mind that a method of Aggl in LOINC is to cover all Aggl methods. Same for IA (immunoassay) methods. I entered brucella sp ab titer ser ia into RELMA and agree there’s not an IA method currently. You have the option to map methodless and stay there OR map methodless for now and submit through the LOINC portal for an IA method on Brucella Sp Ab Titer in Serum. The submission link is under “Content” at the top of the page.

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Hello Pam

I’m very thankful for the information and solution you provided, we use Aggl method for 2ME and specify the exact method on our method property in our model and also I submitted a request for brucella sp ab titer serum IA method at LOINC term request.

thanks in advance