Lab Interoperability Cooperative LOINC Workshop- Denver

Dates/Times: May 11, 2012 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: Denver Tech Center (DTC), Denver, CO

In partnership with the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA), the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) and Quality Health Network (QHN), CORHIO is supporting Surescripts and the Laboratory Interoperability Cooperative (LIC) to provide free LOINC education and training for Colorado hospital staff.

Hospital lab managers and directors, as well as health information technology professionals, are encouraged to attend this workshop which will cover:

Introduction to LOINC: What Is It? How is it Used?

Overview of Meaningful Use: Public Health Reporting for Stage 1 and Beyond

Guidance regarding the usage of the CDC’s Reportable Condition Mapping Table (RCMT) and/or Regenstrief LOINC Mapping Assistant (RELMA)

Guidance on mapping LOINC codes to your local data dictionary (although the actual mapping will be done by you)

Available Resources: Toolkit including the LIC ELR LOINC Best Practice Guidelines/Mapping Template.

For more information and to register, visit the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization website:

Hi Jamalynne,

I am new to this forum, wondering if there will be new workshop?



Hello Daya,

Allow me to respond on behalf of Jamalynne. We do not anticipate a new workshop in Denver. Currently we have LOINC Conferences four times per year. Two are laboratory-focused and held in Indianapolis. The other two have a clinical focus and are in Salt Lake City.

Our next event is next week in Indianapolis. You can find more information on our website. Please let us know if you need any more information.


Thanks Tim,

I also like to know more about IMO mapping . Are there any websites that have online WEBINAR or reading material that will be useful to me.



You can search our website for a number of mapping resources. I’ve selected a few that may be of interest.

FAQ: Mapping Local Codes to LOINC Questions

Guide for Using LOINC Microbiology Terms

LOINC Community Mapping Repository

Mapping Validity Checker

Hi Daya - IMO is a commercial company that offers terminology products and services. They are not affiliated with Regenstrief or LOINC except that one of their staff members serves on the LOINC Committee. I recommend you contact IMO directly.