Is there a sample 'Sample Mapping File"

I am teaching a class and want to have students get some hands-on with RELMA.


Can anyone provide a sample ‘sample mapping file’?




When you install the RELMA program several sample files will be included. In a standard installation they are located in your C:\Users\Public\Documents\RELMA\Samples directory

Two of the files are TAB delimited files that you can import using the “Import Local terms from Delimited File or Excel Spreadsheet” option. The 3rd file is a de-identified file of HL7 messages that you can import using the “Import Local Terms from HL7 File” option on the file menu.


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(39626-7) NM Vein - bilateral Views = This code has component “radionuclide IV” so my question is, how to map this unspecified “radionuclide IV”, does this mean any radionuclide found in the report should be considered or does this mean we should use this code when radionuclide is not specified. Please help me with this query.

Hello Pinal,

The carat ^ symbol within the component confirms the patient or assay has been administered whatever is specified after it; in this case a radionuclide was given intravenously. If the imaging study offered by your radiology department incorporates intravenous injection of a radionuclide prior to taking bilateral views, this term would qualify for mapping.

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