INPUT (not a bug report): None of the URI's in CodeSystem Resource Work

Just thought that I have found the following issue. Not critical, but also good to fix.

  1. Go to

  2. Click any of the links that point to like

What happens,

I get “page not found” page.

What I Expected:

Show the content similar to, and that’s one of the links in your CodingSystem page.

I also noticed that the links are http:// and not to https:// which might be intentionally so, but all your pages will redirect to https:// so should we not just make them https:// since users without https:// capabilities cannot access them anyway.

– Manabu Tokunaga


Hello Manabu, thank you for these questions and thank you for attending the LOINC Conference.

The URIs you indicate are intended as unique identifiers rather than resolvable web resources. However, we do realize this is confusing and will be working to create individual pages for each property value. In the interim we may just redirect them to our information page.

As a developer myself, I’m not sure why CodeSystems URIs are indicated with http rather than https. I’m a firm believer, as I assume you are, in “https everywhere.” If you look this list ( ) of terminology URIs, ‘http://’ is the common practice for an identifier.

I believe the use of http over https is because FHIR’s datatype definitions ( points to RFC 1738 ( ) which has no mention of the https scheme in URI syntax.

Thanks again for your questions. I hope I was able to help you. Please let us know if you need anything else!