Inconsistencies with LOINC codes.

Are codes submitted and then a committee reviews these before publishing?

I find records that might have a Right, Left and Bilateral Codes and then another example will only have a Bilateral and Unilateral codes.

I am tasked with Mapping all of our Imaging exams to LONIC code and it is a real struggle.

Hello Jess,

If you’re just starting out, may I refer you to the LOINC RSNA Playbook in the User’s Guide? It starts on page 185. If you downloaded the LOINC/RELMA zip file you’ll find it on your local machine at LOINCUsersGuide.pdf

The formatting of the radiology terms may make more sense to you after reviewing.

Best regards,

Hi Jess,

To add to what Pam said, LOINC codes are made based on user requests. Many inconsistencies stem from the original requests, for example, where a user may have only requested a code for the right side and not the left. In recent years, when we spot these inconsistencies we follow up with the user and recommend creating a complete set of codes, but that did not happen as consistently in the earlier years of LOINC.

Hope this helps!