IGH gene rearrangement LOINC codes


I have a stakeholder asking how to report IGH gene rearrangement. Presumably, these should be along the lines of the existing IGH gene rearrangement LOINC codes, I have looked at the guide and section Hematopathology gene re-arrangement. I’m not quite sure how to indicate the different regions identified in LOINC

Gene: IGH, Region: FR1-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: IGH, Region: FR2-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: IGH, Region: FR3-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: TCRG, Locus: 7q14, Result: Polyclonal



@pdbanning Thank you for bringing this forward to the lab committee call today. I would like to insert the original question from one of our lab jurisdictions, that is currently working on genetic testing reporting and looking at specific gene rearrangement codes that have a property of ‘Arb’ and the long common name indicated [Presence]. They are looking to get a better understanding of why the property is ‘Arb’ and not ‘PrThr’.

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