IGH gene rearrangement LOINC codes


I have a stakeholder asking how to report IGH gene rearrangement. Presumably, these should be along the lines of the existing IGH gene rearrangement LOINC codes, I have looked at the guide and section Hematopathology gene re-arrangement. I’m not quite sure how to indicate the different regions identified in LOINC

Gene: IGH, Region: FR1-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: IGH, Region: FR2-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: IGH, Region: FR3-JH, Result: Polyclonal

Gene: TCRG, Locus: 7q14, Result: Polyclonal



Hello Anil,
I apologize for not responding sooner. Have you looked at the DNA region of interest panel for components that will help portray the different regions? LOINC 53041-0 DNA region of interest panel

Maybe Eza and I can add this to September LOINC Lab committee call if you need more assistance.

Thank you Pam. We found this link from LabCorp, which has a different set of LOINC Codes for the results, and more IgH focused.

481222: B-Cell Gene Rearrangements Profile, IgH and IgK | Labcorp ( IgH Gene Rearrangement Assay)

This could serve as a valuable discussion point in our upcoming meeting, helping us gain insights into the reporting of gene/DNA arrangements of this nature. It appears that, in many laboratories, this information is commonly conveyed through PDFs or text-based blob. However, it’s worth noting that there is a growing trend towards more specific and structured reporting requests.