Identifying a LOINC Code if Profile & Pathology

Hi, first of all, I am no med student or has anything solid background in the medical field, in fact, I am an App Developer, I have a project that uses LOINC Codes (I have no documentation from the previous developer of this project), but for some reason, I need to know whether the procedure is a pathology, profile, room and sample temperature. I’ve searched on RELMA & Loinc Database for every Loinc Code I have on my example to identify these fields and I am lost with lots of terminologies.

Does anyone know where to point me or explain which field to look at when determining these data/fields?

Here is my example LOINC Codes:





I know for a fact that the 19769-9 is an Anatomic Pathology, due to its being given, from that I am now lost.


Hi Bien,

You might be interested in the CLASS field of each LOINC; here is the legend to those abbreviations:

Also, there are attempts to create an ontology of the terms. You can read about it in the User’s Guide or under Relma you can visualize the hierachy by clicking on the Hierarchy & Search Limit tab, then clicking on one of the specific Hierarchy tabs. Trying pasting in 19769-9 in each of the tabs to see what resonates for your project/application.

All the best,