How to search Knowledge Base vs document for LOINC User Guide

I have previously enjoyed using the document LOINC User Guide and ctrl-f to search for exact terms anywhere in the document. Now that it’s only available in the Knowledge Base, I find searching for exact terms significantly more difficult.

For example, I wanted to refresh my brain on what Isolate/Specimen means. In the old LOINC guide, I would simply do a ctrl-f and find the information. I tried using the search in the Knowledge base the same way, and got nothing but junk in the search results. I imagine there is a way to do an exact text search in the Knowledge Base for only the LOINC User Guide, but I couldn’t figure it out.

How do I limit my search to a particular section of the knowledge base?

How do I perform an exact text (including special characters) search? I tried using quotes without success.

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Hi, Doug. Thanks for your question. We are aware of the limitations of search within the Knowledge Base. Some of those issues are related to the organization of documents within this repository. Everything was originally collected in sections for the purpose of forming a PDF file, not to yield good search results. Now that we are no longer bound to publishing a PDF, we are free to make basic moves to the structure. You can expect revisions in the coming months which should make searching the KB much easier.

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Yes I was having the same issue when searching specific research. Thank you for your explanation Tim

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