How to query for group(s) that a term is part of?

Is there an API operation that will allow me to query for what group(s) (if any) a particular term is part of? For example, I’d like to be able to query 777-3, and have it return to me that this term is part of the LG32892-8 group. Doing a regular term lookup does not seem to include this information. (I am aware that I can do $validate-code, but I am wondering how I get the group code in the first place.)

Also, any updates on when Consumer Name or Part Description might be available in alpha or beta status via the API?

Hi John,

Try this request:

It will return all ValueSets which contain the specified code. That won’t be restricted to just Groups but you should be able to do some post processing to filter out anything but Groups.

Please let us know if this helps answer your question.

That works for me. Thanks Tim!