How to get Consumer Name and Part Description for a LOINC code?

If I look at a page like , there are several fields that would be quite useful to me, such as Consumer Name and Part Description. However the JSON returned from the CodeSystem endpoint for this LOINC code ($lookup?system= does not include these, and many other interesting fields from that page. Nor does the LOINC part for this code ($lookup?system= include these fields.

Is there any way to retrieve these (and other) interesting fields via the REST API?

Hi John, thank you for your question. Yes, there are several LOINC properties that are not yet available via our API using FHIR. In the next 6-12 months we will be adding additional fields. The Consumer Names have an Alpha status so they may not be available until they reach production maturity.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I am running into a similar issue: we are using LOINC csv files and we see the Term Description in the core loinc table. But Part Description is missing (or at least we do not see it). We have looked at the part files as well. Any advice on where we could find it?

Hi Alla,

Consumer names are available as a separate downloadable csv file ( They are still in Alpha status, so if you use them, use them with caution. And we would appreciate any feedback you might have.

We do not currently publish Part descriptions.