how do I get a LOINC code for a new document type?

I am working on some projects to better integrate state PDMPs (prescription drug monitoring programs) into existing HIT. I have some reports that I want to design. A search of RELMA doesn’t show any document types close to what I want to do. How would I suggest getting a LOINC code and nomencalture for these reports?


Tom Lang

What type of document codes are you looking for? Can you provide an example?

Information for requesting new LOINC codes can be found here:

Information on how to submit a term request through RELMA can be found in Appendix A of the manual:

Some of the requested information (package insert, units, etc.) for a new term is specific for laboratory terms (vs. document type codes). For document type codes, please include example reports, descriptions for terms, and any other relevant information about the term(s).

I would like to gang up on this question. The documentation and the excellent in-person tutorials do a wonderful job of teaching how to submit most “normal” observation code requests. That leaves a number of areas around the edges that would make great material for an “advanced tutorial.” In addition to new document types, which I haven’t actually had to try, I would include new panels, tests with new methods (bacteria identification by MALDI-TOF?), etc.