we would like to use the LOINC codes In our Tissue typing laboratory.

But I found many problems with using HLA terminology.

We do molecular typing ( SBT, PCR- SSP,…) for all aleles for HLA-A, B,C, DRB1 and DQB1 loci. We also type our unrelated BM donors with Luminex technology.

Do you think that for example: Code: 4718-3: HLA-A1- presence, is this the right name for molecular typing ? I think that this is not the right name, but I can not find typing for this in LOINC.

  • We have also problems with serology; we use CDC test, luminex technology and ELISA for detemination of HLA Ab in serum- the presence of Ab and also the specificity of Ab.

    I would very appreciate any segestions about this.

    Kind regards, irena