Hepatitis A Panel

I am going to submit for a LOINC for a new panel for the above. It will include LOINC 22312-3 and 22315-6 as well as a new LOINC being requested as an interp for the previous LOINCs. This is a test message, but still true.


Thanks for testing - let’s see how we get along with a dialog string

You said that the panel would include 22312-3 and 22315-6

I think that instead of 22312-3 (Hepatitis A virus Ab|ACnc|Pt|Ser|Qn), you might want to consider 22313-1(Hepatitis A virus Ab.IgG|ACnc|Pt|Ser|Qn).

Once I hit reply, I can no longer see what I am replying to without moving my screen down. Is there any way to improve this?