Harmonization between LOINC and SNOMED CT

May I ask update progress between LOINC and IHSTDO on the harmonization after 2009 meeting? The LOINC integration table from IHSTDO was year 2007.

You can find updates on the collaboration here: http://loinc.org/collaboration/ihtsdo

Hi Daniel,

Has anyone come up with a translation table between LOINC and SNOMED CT?




is the harmonization still only on LOINC Lab Section? Are there plans for the Clinical one?



Hi Maria -

The scope of the current agreement covers lab tests and a subset of clinical measurements (anthropomorphic measurements and evaluations, vital signs and physiological measurements). We chose these domains as a first step, but the organizations anticipate expanding more in the future.

The first drafts of the expression associations and mapping were done only for a subset of lab (we started with the most common tests). You can read more about the content and approach in the documentation of the download. We are working to expand that set to include more content in later work (anticipated later this fall). The SNOMED Observables model is still being tested and evaluated for clinical content, so when and how that content will be represented is still a work in progress.