Get Lipid Panel and its associated concepts


I’m a bit lost when I’m looking for the term (24331-1) “Lipid 1996 panel - Serum or Plasma” and its child terms (LDL, HLDL, VLDL, etc) as shown on the Loinc page.

I checked the $lookup and $expand operations before and I can’t get the response as I mentioned.

Am I doing something wrong or do I have to build my own ValueSet with these terms for 24331-1?

Could you please give me a hint ?


Hi Marc,

You logged this under the FHIR terminology server, so I take it you haven’t downloaded the associated files? There is an accessory file under for LOINC Panels and Forms file. That is one way to obtain the collection of the lipid group 24331-1.

I’ll defer to Regenstrief staff if there’s a different path through their FHIR server.

All the best,

Pam Banning, Lab LOINC co-chair

That’s my intention! I want to to search and get the term and childs through the FHIR terminology server !!

Is there a way to do that?


Kind regards



The children are available as part of a FHIR Questionnaire resource. You should be able to see it with this query . Here’s a link to the detail page that is represented by the FHIR resource .



Thanks John for the answer. I tried that on your server succesfully.

Just one more question: I uploaded Loinc 2.68 on a hapi fhir server through the $upload-terminology. I noticed that Questionare resources weren’t uploaded. Is it possible to do that? Could you tell me how to?

Kind regards,



Please contact me directly at about this request. Use the “FHIR terminology Server” option.