Generic panel for HPV tests

Dear all,

We’re struggling with a request for a panel code and would like your advice. The request is for a generic panel code with which to request human papilloma virus (HPV) tests. There are many different tests and combinations of tests in use. LOINC contains a number of HPV panels but they all seem quite specific as to which HPV types are tested.

However, we would like to have a single panel code with which to request a HPV diagnostics. On receiving that code, a lab could then respond to with their own customary set. Is such a thing possible, and if so how do we shape such a request?

Should we request a single panel that contains all tests as optional members? Or should we request a panel code for each combination with the tests as required members (e.g. 16+18: 70061-7 & 31+33+35+39+45+51+52+56+58+59+66+68 : 77375-4), and then (for the generic request) another ‘parent’ panel that contains the first panels as optional members? The first option would require less maintenance but rely more on the expertise of the LOINC users.

Or is there a third and better way to address the usecase?

Best wishes, Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld, Nictiz, Netherlands