General comments/findings for molecular test.

Hi all,

I am working for assigning LOINC code for molecular tests. There are molecular tests report with some general comments within in my local hosp. e.g. comments, findings, conclusion. The result type would be freetext by clinicians.

I am planning to assign these tests with a more general LOINC code like:

50396-1 Molecular diagnostic major findings for display [Identifier] in Blood or Tissue by Molecular genetics method Nominal

50397-9 Molecular diagnostic overall interpretation [Presence] in Blood or Tissue by Molecular genetics method

19102-3 Genetics screen in Unspecified specimen by Molecular genetics method Narrative

However, I found there are quite a lot of restriction.

e.g. Difference in the property : freetext vs Prid

Component restriction: e.g. Genetics screen ← screening test only? how about confirmation test ?? :?:

Are there anyone working on molecualr tests LOINCing ?? Let’s share and discuss.


Barry Fong


Hi Barry,

For free text results, we recommend using narrative codes only. We have a few other codes that may work:

50398-7 Narrative diagnostic report Imp Pt Bld/Tiss Nar Molgen

62365-2 Diagnostic impression Imp Pt XXX Nar Molgen

69047-9 Geneticist review Imp Pt XXX Nar

69965-2 Clinical cytogeneticist review Imp Pt XXX Nar

59465-5 Pathologist review Imp Pt XXX Nar

I also agree that it doesn’t make sense to use a “genetic screen” code for a confirmation test. If you are unsure or think you need a new LOINC code, we welcome a submission ( Please send example reports (de-identified) along with your requests.

Possibly of interest, the HL7 Clinical Genomics Workgroup is working on developing and implementing several models for reporting genetic testing results (for cytogenetics, genetic variations, gene expressions) as well as a guide for the overall Genetic Testing Report (GTR). You can view the CGWG discussion and documents here:


LOINC Content Developer