G6PG reporting.


In our lab, certain tests are reported both qualitatively and quantitatively. For eg. G6PD is reported as 3.21 – Partial Activity . our LIS has only one test code for G6PD and user can enter both qualitative and quantitative results against it.

What is the recommended way for mapping such tests in LOINC? For g6pd, in LOINC i could find 2 suitable codes (32546-4 & 2356-4). one for qualitative & one for quantitative. How is such cases handled? Then what should be the request code?

please advice.


How does the lab decide when to report quantitative and when qualitative? If its normal do you do qualitative and abnormal then quantitate?

Do you ever report both at the same time?

What do providers order- a qn or ql?

Could you send some sample reports of both ways? Please send to loinc@loinc.org

I’m not a lab technician, but typically a qualitative test is only done when a test is positive or abnormal. For example, in pregnancy testing, HCG levels wouldn’t be tested if the pregnancy test was negative. In fact, it wouldn’t be practical, since the hormone level would be zero or close to that. I don’t know if the same thing applies to G6PD.

It sounds like you need two tests, one for positive/negative, one for units of measure (the level) of what you are testing. I would call the lab from another hospital that is similar to yours (or uses your LIS), and ask for their advice. You also want to ask your own lab manager if both tests (qn and ql) are tested from serum or whole blood. They may be different.