Fully specified names are not escaped

I have run across LOINC fully specified names (FSNs) that are not escaped for the separators they use, specifically the ‘:’ symbol.

For example, LOINC code <span id=“ln”>70159-9 has a colon in the first part [“</span>Tetradecenoylcarnitine (C14:1)/Tetradecanoylcarnitine (C14)”]. There are various other codes just like this. I am unaware of any escape notations that LOINC uses, but I feel there should be one, as the parsing of FSNs is infinitely more difficult without one. (I am accessing LOINC via UMLS, btw).

Was this intentional? And if so, is there any advice on how to parse the FSNs to account for these cases?


Why are you not using the native .zip file from LOINC.org ?