FluA H and N Identified by PCR codes

55134-1 Influenza virus A neuraminidase RNA [Identifier] in Isolate by Probe and target amplification method

Is flagged as “Discouraged”. And I find no comparable code for the Hemagglutinin RNA.

A use-case I see coming is for H/N subtyping. We currently have labs report each H and N tested for as a distinct Ct value and POS/NEG interpretation. While this is the most complete way of reporting, it varies from what is normally reported out. “H5N2” etc. A single Identity code wouldn’t work because of mixed infections. “H5N2 and N3”. But a repeating sequence of codes similar to 55134-1 would convey what was found. (It would leave it to the lab to look for the right Hs and Ns.)