Flow Cytometry

Dear All,

I am new to this LOINC system, and I am currently sifting through the database to assign each of our lab tests here a corresponding number. I have one question however when it comes to flow cytometry. We perform leukaemia/lymphoma panels etc in a variety of specimen types (Bone marrow, blood, CSF, Bodyfluid), however in our lab system there is no individual panel or test for each specimen type, there is just a set test called ‘Immunophenotyping’ and within this test ‘set’ the specimen type is entered under the test parameter ‘Specimen type’.

I cannot seem to find a corresponding LOINC code just for ‘specimen type for flow cytometry’ or something at least similar or that fits. On LOINC each specimen type is represented ‘CD2/100 Cells in CSF’ or ‘CD19/Lambda in BoneMarrow’ etc. As in our lab system there is the only one Immunophenotyping test set for all specimen types, I guess I will have to use the codes for ‘unspecified specimen’? And then hope to find or create ‘Specimen type’ LOINC code? This problem would also apply to our Electrophoresis tests also.

The other option, which is one I do not really want to do, is to create a Immunophenotype test set for each speicmen type in our Lab system, then the problem would not exist. However this is only a small project for one of our external satellite labs which is based in Hosptial owned by a different company, who now want to move over to the LOINC system.

I hope you understand what I am trying to get across here! Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you from Germany!


Hello Dewi,

If you need just a specimen type LOINC, there are several options:

66746-9 - Specimen type

31208-2 - Specimen source

The latter is widely used, in our experience.

Hope this helps!