first, thank you for sharing LOINC as FHIR resources.

my feedback/information for other dev after few tests :

  1. it will be great to make available a service to retrieve data for more than one loinc code inside a fhir bundle.

  2. i tried to parse the answer from the$lookup?system= call , with the Parameters JAVA resource from HAPI FHIR but most of data were not available cause of value[x] type . could not find solution with this … so i create a specific small json parser and could retreive all LOINC codes in 135 minutes …

i used a scala akka actors (i’m newbee with that tech) and could not made quicker treatment .

around 1000 calls -> 1m30s

point 2 is critical as the FHIR goal is to have a standard with data exchange .but maybe a HAPI FHIR limit (or my limit in HAPI FHIR understanding.





Thank you for this valuable feedback. We will work to address the issues you raised.