English/US term for "extra tube (for additional testing)"


In Dutch we use the term ‘spijtserum’ which literally translates to something like ‘regret serum’. It is widely used to obtain an extra tube of serum for additional testing, esp. at the ER where a diagnosis is not yet clear and perhape left-over sample is not adequate or sufficient.
Of course we also have similar terms for heparin plasma, EDTA-plasma and citrate plasma.

Does such a term(s) exist in English? And if so, are there LOINC code(s) for these extra blood tubes for additional testing?

Hello Dr. Bakkeren,

Happy New Year! Apologies for the delay, but the holidays overcame me. In my experiences, laboratories have drawn extra tubes known as “Just in Case”, “JIC”, “Hold” along with the tube type. It’s an operational process for the laboratory to be able to add on possible orders. While a label and accession number can be applied to the extra tubes, there’s not an apparent order or result field to open for a patient result.

I’m searching for status, addendum, disposition keywords and not finding much. There are the generic service comments; have you considered using them? They start with 8262-8. I realize they are not optimal interoperability within an enterprise because Service Comment 02 can have a different meaning in another institution.

Just an idea. Maybe others from the committee will comment here as well.

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