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Please refer to our documentation regarding the LOINC terminology server. We have also created a developer reference guide.

Keep in mind this server has a BETA status. If you notice something not working as expected, please contact us. You may also refer to our known issues.


Although being a beta release, what are your plan to upgrade this server to a stable release ?

To which extend can we develop some thing querying your FHIR resource that will then be used on the long range and go to some production space ?



Hi Xavier,

We do not have a road map for promoting this to production. There are a great number of items that need to be considered before making that determination. We still have several pieces that need to be resolved/modified before we can even consider a guaranteed production server.

Terminology will indeed be updated with our forthcoming LOINC release. Work on the server will continue next year. After that time we will have a better sense of a production timeline.

I hope this addresses your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Dear @TimBriscoe

2020 right now… . Any plan on a production env. timeline or should we look into including LOINC in our own FHIR terminology service?

Kinds regards


Hi Tim,

Can we access a LOINC code breakdown into parts according to one particular version ?

say I want the part for a code in 2.59?



@Cédric - We are continuing to work on a service-level agreement to ensure availability in production level systems. We do not have a timetable for reaching this status. In the meantime you are able to incorporate LOINC content in your own FHIR terminology service. The open-source HAPI FHIR server has a command to upload external terminologies, including LOINC. You should be able to grab our latest complete download file and reference it as part of this command. (Incidentally, LOINC’s terminology service uses the SmileCDR variant of HAPI FHIR.)

@Xavier - We have considered version-specific lookups but do not yet have a means for enabling this functionality. Can you please explain your use case for such a historical lookup?

Hi Tim,

Our use case is that we aim at automating LIVD files production (today 100% manual creation). To do so, we plan to retrieve LOINC code breakdown into parts from your FHIR resource rather than copy/paste them from RELMA / details pages :wink:

LIVD files may be re-published following the ‘max-90-days’ LOINC code check rule after each LOINC release. This LIVD re-publication will depend on the impacts of the code modification(s) we may detect. From 3y historical background (our 1st LIVD is 3y old) all possible situations were detected (no code modification, minor part update, code deprecation, new product release from us).

Consequently we may need data not only from the current LOINC release but potentially past one (i.e. retrieve LOINC codes according to a given LOINC release version) ; this is still under analysis and specification at our level.

To concur with @cesharp, note that a service-level agreement would be more than beneficial. As you will understand it is challenging to rely on an ‘unsecure’ resource to produce LIVD files flying to the lab market.

Hope this helps.