Is anyone familiar with the DOCS4DOCS HL7 feed from Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE)? I am wondering if anyone knows if messages sent are LOINC encoded.


I am responsible for supporting the DOCS4DOCS application developed by Regenstrief.

Currently, the HL7 outbound feed from DOCS4DOCS is not LOINC encoded.

Short-term, there is a work-around for most of the lab interfaces within DOCS4DOCS. Regenstrief offers a one-time list of all LOINC mapping tables for all facilities that are participating in both INPC and DOCS4DOCS. These tables provide the EMR with the necessary translations to map the local terms to LOINC codes. Note, this solution will only work for those facilities that are participating in INPC.

Long-term, our plan is to add the LOINC codes to the messages sent outbound from DOCS4DOCS. Once this solution is in place, lab results will include both the local lab term and the LOINC coded term in the message. However, this solution is dependent upon several major infrastructure and support changes that are currently in progress for both INPC and D4D. I would estimate that this functionality will be available within the next 12-18 months.

If you have additional questions, please let me know.