Discimination chemistry vs POCT test

For some tests, like glucose, there is a distinction in methode as one can choose al LOINC code with ‘glucometer’ as method when usine a POC test. However there are more tests that can be performed using a POCT instrument for which no method is specified as POCT (by the way this is a more universal term than glucometer). Most often the characteristics of POCT instruments like precision and accuracy are different compared to routine assays used. Are the other option to indicate this distinction … (using LOINC of course)?

Hello Dr. Bakkeren,

I recall the long discussions on point of care testing in LOINC development, and of the laboratory systems that wanted results generated at the nursing stations, bedside or in outpatient clinics separate from those results produced in the laboratory. The methods of test strip and test strip.automated have been used to represent POC testing. These haven’t been evaluated in some time; would be interested to know if you find all the analytes you need. I suspect not, because the cholesterol test strip is only available as PrThr Ord and a numeric (quantitative or semi-quantitative) LOINC is needed.

Let us know your findings!