Definitions for DocOnt axis values

As a follow-up to the Jan 2009 Clinical LOINC meeting, I’ve posted the file containing all of the approved Axis values with definitions over on the main LOINC website:

These definitions were primarily drawn from Viet’s work a few years ago. I encourage everyone to review these and make suggestions. We’re counting on the folks from Columbia and the VA to help fill in the gaps…but anyone is welcome to jump in.

This is a good place to post any comments for discussion.

I see consents listed under administrative notes in the proposed “Kind of Document” axis. I am not sure what what would be the appropriate other axes for consent document types to be able to construct necessary post-coordinated document types. Here are a few examples:

“privacy policy consent”

“procedure consent”

“clinical trial participation consent”

“information disclosure consent” (or “authorization” as defined for non-TPO under HIPAA)

I would presume that the following existing codes would map as children of “procedure consent”:

52027-0 Abortion consent attachment

52028-8 Hysterectomy consent attachment

52029-6 Sterilization consent attachment

  • Harry Solomon

At Marshfield Clinic, we also have a document type of “consent” and have the same problem.

Has there been a consent term suggested to LOINC (or created)

Vojtech Huser