COVID and Prerelease pages inconsistent contains 99596-9 but that code is not listed on

Can we get the prerelease page updated with all appropriate COVID LOINC codes?

Hello Scott,

Thank you for your message. We are aware of this disconnect and are working to correct it. Historically, the update of the codes on the Prerelease page ( ) has been a periodic, manual effort. We are working to update this page’s contents in an automated fashion each day. This is what is happening now on the COVID page ( ) and the larger Submissions Queue Details page ( ).

In the short term (within the next week) we will perform another manual update of the Prerelease page to get it in sync with the COVID page. Then, within a month or two, we will make the switch to automated updates on the Prerelease page.

I hope this addresses your concerns. Please let us know if not.

Hello Scott,

Just following up to say that the Prerelease page ( ) has been updated so the applicable terms are now in sync with those on the COVID page. Again, we will be working to automate this so the two pages are updated concurrently each day.

Best regards,

Thanks for the quick fix!