Copyright question for surveys

Dear all,

I am using a version of a questionnaire that contains a subsample of the original questionnaire. The original questionnaire is available in LOINC [ LOINC 69723-5 Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) [Reported]] with a specified copyright holder, but there is no distinct LOINC panel for the version of the questionnaire that I use.

Can I use a subset of the original questionnaire to annotate my version of the questionnaire with a LOINC code without applying for a new version of the questionnaire?

If I understand correctly from the LOINC Copyright notice, then the original questionnaire falls under “Group 3 Artifacts” (Loinc Panel), and the following is specified under Paragraph 2:

  1. “[…] The contents of any fields in the Group 3 Artifacts shall not be changed. New fields may be added to the Group 1 Artifacts and Group 3 Artifacts to attach additional information to existing LOINC records.”

Does that mean that I may not remove the questions that are not needed for my use case but have to apply for a new version that specifically contain my questions?

Best and thank you!