Classtype Lookup in LOINC Search

In LOINC lookup, you can search on the classtype and get a complete list and count. For example classtype:Clinical gives all the Clinical terminology. I can also get classtype:Lab and classtype:Survey to work. This allows for “1=Laboratory class; 2=Clinical class; 4=Surveys”. I am unable to find these terms documented anywhere since they don’t match what I did find (the bolded part in quotes. I can’t figure out how to display classtype 3 " 3=Claims attachments". I’ve tried every variation that seems reasonable but they don’t work. Does anyone have this information?

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Hi Ruth, there are couple of ways to find these terms in SearchLOINC.


Or, you can search for everything using star (*) and then filter down to just the Attachment type.

* (with filters applied)

I hope this helps answer your question.


Thank you.
for a follow up , within the loinc tool
search with
for type 1 : classtype:Lab OR type:1
for type 2: classtype:Clinical OR type:2
for type 3: classtype:ATTACHMENT OR type:3
for type 4:classtype:Survey OR type:4

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