Classes Not present in loinc.csv

Some classes of the Part.csv file were not used in the loinc.csv file then how to know the type of these classes?

Hello Adarsh,

This documentation from our knowledge base may be of use to you in regard to LOINC Part Types:

Let us know if you need something different.

I want to categorize All the classes on the bases of classType like laboratory, clinical, survey, and attachments, but the classType of every class are given only in loinc.csv file , and there are some classes like blood pressure measurements, General Behavioral Health / Psychiatry, Urologic, Lab report general comments, etc which are not used in loinc.csv file for loinc term so how to know the classType of these classes?

for example:-“EYE.LENSOMETRY” like this class is used for this loinc number 95320-8 then from the loinc.csv file I can figure out the ClassType of that class from the entry on the classType column, the entry of this class is “2” it means its type is clinical.


Thank you for the clarification. It sounds like what you want is the list of classes from the Users’ Guide as found in our Knowledge Base at:

Thanks for the guide link :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out