Change Type PANEL

The CHNG_TYP field can contain, amongst other values:

PANEL = addition or removal of child elements or …

NAM = change to Analyte/Component (field #2);

MAJ = change to name field other than #2 (#3 - #7);

MIN = change to field other than name

I’ve noticed that some values overrule other values, i.e. in 2.67 46244-0 had changes in component, sytem and method. The CHGN_TYP is NAM, so NAM overrules MAJ.

For PANEL, can I be certain that all Panel changes can be found by querying for CHNG_TYP=“PANEL”? Or would a concept with changes in component AND panel membership get NAM instead of PANEL? And if so, is there a way to find all panel changes (apart from writing the logic myself)? The LOINC Diff report does not contain PANEL changes (48805-6), and the PanelAndForms download does not contain a changes file.