CBC Panels

Hi LOINCers,

There are a number of CBC panels that begin with ‘CBC W’. It has been our assumption that the ‘W’ stands for ‘with’, thus ‘CBC with auto differential panel’ as in LOINC 57021-8 (CBC W Auto Differential panel). We are working on maintenance in our translations and these panels have come up for discussion. In reviewing other countries translations, I have noticed that many are not translating the ‘CBC W’, but leaving it as the English letters, making me feel that perhaps our assumption that ‘W’ = ‘with’ might be incorrect. Can someone please confirm the meaning behind the ‘W’ in this series of LOINC codes? In future releases it might be a good idea to include the full text for ‘W’ in the Long Common Name.

Thanks in advance for any help, any comments from other countries that are translating are also appreciated!

Lorie Carey

on behalf of

Canada Health Infoway


Thanks for your comments and suggestion about replacing “W” to “with” in the long common name of LOINC codes. The W does stand for with, but this may not always be clear. We will pass your suggestion along to the LOINC team.