Cardiolipin IgM/ IgG suggested unit

Hi all LOINCers,

I am working for the LOINC mapping on “anti-cardiolipin IgM” and “anti-cardiolipin IgG”. Different reporting unit can be seen in different commercial kit. e.g. MPL/ml, U/ml and MPL.

I found that LOINC code like “3182-3” and “8067-1” have the property “Unit/volume” and suggested unit= “MPL units”.

Could I use the above two LOINC codes to map with tests with reporting unit= “MPL/ml” ?? It seems that “MPL/ml” is not the suggested unit for the above two LOINC codes.

Thanks and regards



The example units field is not part of the official LOINC term, so you should make your decision on the Property field which is ACnc.

As you pointed out, there can be a number of different reporting units for a given analyte. The example units field is not intended to be “suggested” units, but is just an example of the type of units that might be resulted for the term.

Hope this helps.