Capturing an EKG time

I am attempting to use LOINC to map the fact that an EKG was done, and capture the time the test was performed. Leaving aside for the moment which code is most relevant, my question pertains to capturing the time. Looking at the getting started and the user guide, it would appear that the “part” of the FSN would be used for this. In the guide there is a fair amount of discussion about how to construct an interval time aspect, ie, from page 24:

"The allowed values for non-point time aspect are defined as a syntax exactly like the syntax for the times in challenge tests, e, The most common are 24H. Table 9 gives some other examples."

If I look at table 9, for Pt, I only see
"...this is a synonym for "spot" or "random" as applied to urine measurements."

OK, so I get spot/random. My question is: Can the time the test was performed be popuated in this field as a matter of convention for a clinical test other than a lab result, ie, an EKG?

Or is it not possible to capture the time an EKG was performed with standard LOINC syntax?

Any help greatly appreciated, Paul