Cancer-specific panels and biomarkers

Hi there,

I’m trying to map the following and can’t seem to find an equivalent LOINC code:

  • Oncotype DX test for breast cancer (as an order)
  • Oncotype DX recurrence score (as an observation)

    Has anyone tried doing this? If so, what LOINC codes were chosen?

    If not, then is this something I should submit as new requests in RELMA?



May Terry, Medical Informatics Lead
Flatiron Health
Based in NYC

Hi May,

The performing laboratory knows the assay best, and generally is responsible for submitting the definitions for new LOINC codes. GeneDx is working on submitting their terms.

Stay tuned!

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Hi there,

It’s been a while since the last posting, but as of yesterday, I still didn’t find any reference to OncotypeDX in the latest LOINC release. Can someone provide an update to this? Otherwise, who should I contact about possible LOINC code assignments for: 1) OncotypeDX (invasive breast cancer), and 2) OncotypeDX (DCIS).

I’m working on an HL7 Cancer Interoperability Project and we’re working on standardizing key data elements relevant to the diagnosis, treatment, and research of breast cancer. OncotypeDX was listed as one of the relevant tests.


May Terry, Medical Informatics Team Lead, Flatiron Health

Hi May,

I just did a quick search and also could not find any terms for OncotypeDX in LOINC, and I don’t see any pending requests for these tests either.

Nearly all of our terms are created based on submitted requests, and while I agree with Pam Banning (who replied to your previous post) that the performing laboratory knows the most about the test and ideally would be the one to request the terms, you are also welcome to request new LOINC codes for these tests.

We have detailed instructions on how to submit requests and the information we need as part of the request on our website:


Swapna Abhyankar, MD
Associate Director for Content Development
LOINC and Health Data Standards