Are Term Descriptions available in download files?

In order to make selection of the proper LOINC codes more efficient, it would help us to be able to see the term description field in some cases, but I haven’t been able to find that data in any of the downloadable files. For example, 46457-8 with a component of Inpatient discharge facility [OASIS] has a term description/definition field of

Identifies whether the patient has recently (within past 14 days) been discharged from an inpatient facility. (Past 14 days encompasses the two-week period immediately preceding the start of care/resumption of care.)

Are these available somewhere in the downloadable files? Many thanks

Gail Larkin, MD


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After rummaging some more in the files, it appears the Term Descriptions may be the text that is found in the Comments field of the data file. Can someone at Regenstief confirm or refute this?

Thank you.